TUTORING – Tutorial subject as free-choice elective for JDU student

A personal academic tutoring system is a modern teaching method introduced by JDU where the needs for individualised instruction tailored to the student's personal development are met. Since it is of vital importance for students to take an overview of their academic development at regular points throughout their studies, an appointed Personal Academic Tutor helps them do so. The person is a leading subject expert that helps students make lasting improvements to their performance and realise their potential. All JDU tutors provide professional support and advice on subject-specific queries.

JDU tutorial subjects (run in Polish) as free-choice electives chosen by JDU students - winter semester 2018/2019:
1. ABC of toxicology
2. Contemporary educational systems
3. Public relations
4. Marketing
5. Faces of contemporary conflicting ideologies
6. Biomedical science
7. Media education