JDU in 'PROM' Programme of Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

We are pleased to announce that our University is participating in the PROM Programme of Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. This international programme will provide JDU with financial support for scholarship exchange of JDU PhD students and academic staff. 

The programme will enable participation in short forms of education in an international context and will last from 5 to 30 days. It will involve the visits of JDU PhD students and staff abroad as well as arrivals of foreign academics at our University.

Short forms of education which participants will be involved in will include regular courses, conferences, summer/winter schools, workshops, internships and study visits. Scholarships for short-term research visits may also be granted for those whose aim is to collect data/material connected with their educational or research purposes, for those needing to acquire necessary skills in the operation of research equipment or for those keen on increasing their competence in applying for international grants.