Welcome to JDU

Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa is a community proud to have nearly a 50-year history. That history forms our traditions which sustain our ambitions to improve the academic centre of Częstochowa – so it is associated with dynamic research, high quality education, and the highest challenges for student enlightenment, open to culture, art, sport and the world. Today’s modern campus does not only educate students and doctoral candidates, but is, above all, a center that encourages economic and social development for the whole region. Being the region’s envoy, the University inspires action and serves the residents of the city, voivodeship, Poland and Europe. We endeavor to improve the quality of our University every day. New directions of study, specialties, titles and academic degrees are opened. Our staff engage in new areas of research, participate in scientific, scholarship and art exchange, and boast accomplishments tied to initiative and inventiveness... For you and myself, I intend that our University evolves positively, aware of its status and significance for where it functions; for it to be a valued and solid partner for other centres of knowledge, and for other institutions in Poland and abroad.

Prof. Anna Wypych-Gawrońska
– Rector