The University offers modern teaching methods through a personal academic tutoring system, where the needs for individualised instruction tailored to the student's personal development are met. The University ensures that its teaching is of the highest quality to make its graduates well prepared for the challenges of the contemporary world.

It is of vital importance for students to take an overview of their academic development at regular points throughout their studies. An appointed Personal Academic Tutor is someone to help them do so. The person is a leading subject expert that helps students make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their potential.
All JDU tutors provide professional support and advice on subject-specific queries.

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ABC of toxicology
Biodiversity & its conservation
Chemistry (is the key to everything)
Biomedical scientist
We are all scientists
A gentle introduction to business
Artificial neural networks
Media education
Structure & properties of materials
Physical activity in your life
Creativity on an everyday basis
Contemporary education systems
Sign language
Therapy techniques in education
Transactional analysis in education
Theatre & culture
Interdisciplinary nature of humanities
The sacred & the profane in culture
Images from the past
Contemporary family
Family psychology
Shaping professional development in the legal field     
Public administration & citizens
Central philosophical & ideological issues
dr Renata Musielińska
dr Barbara Majchrzak
dr Małgorzata Szyrej
dr Magdalena Myga-Nowak
dr Rafał Miedziński
dr Edmund Golis
dr hab. Andrzej Zbrzezny, prof. AJD
dr Tomasz Prauzner
dr Joanna Świątek-Prokop
dr Jakub Jakubowski
dr Leon Rak
dr Dorota Gębuś
mgr Katarzyna Zalas
mgr Anna Irasiak
dr Zbigniew Wieczorek
dr Anna Pierzchała
dr hab. Anna Wypych-Gawrońska, prof. AJD
dr ha. Artur Żywiołek, prof. AJD
mgr Katarzyna Zwolska-Płusa
dr Katarzyna Milik
dr Małgorzata Kuś
dr Elżbieta Kornacka-Skwara
dr Bogusław Przywora
dr Tomasz Trojanowski
dr Ewelina Żelasko-Makowska
mgr Michał Płóciennik