OFFICE: ul. Waszyngtona 4/8

42-200 Częstochowa

room 136

tel: 34 3784 275


Director: mgr Anna Skowron

e-mail: a.skowron@ajd.czest.pl

JDU provides a perfect blended learning environment, offering distance learning & training delieverd by means of digital technology, which takes the JDU experience of teaching & learning to the next level.

The learning process offered by selected e-courses within given JDU Faculties & Centres takes place partly or fully via the Internet away from the University, usually in the comfort of the student's home.

E-courses taught at JDU:

Faculty of Philology and History:

Practical German - Integrated skills - dr Beata Rusek

Practical English - Integrated skills - mgr Agata Leśniczek

Practical English - Grammar - mgr Anna Skowron, mgr Sylwia Stachurska

English for Tourism - mgr Agata Leśniczek

Faculty of Pedagogy:

Social pedagogy (in Polish) - dr Mirosław Łapot

Media education (in Polish) - dr Zbigniew Łęski

Family assistance in social work (in Polish) - dr Anna Pierzchała

Human rights (in Polish) - dr Zbigniew Wieczorek

University-wide courses