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Careers service

Careers Service

Jan Długosz University of Częstochowa

OFFICE: Waszyngtona 4/8, room 105


tel: 34 3784 363
fax: 34 3784 246

Careers Service provides assistance and support to students and graduates of the JDU who seek job opportunities & career development.

Relevant and practical information is provided to:

The Careers Service supports JDU students and graduates in entering the labour market, in successful job search, as well as career development & management through providing:
- free career advice: practical advice and steps to help students understand what they want from a future career or job and how to become more certain about jobs and careers they might enjoy
- free and confidential counselling: support for students to gain understanding and insight into any difficulties or challenges they may be experiencing, to develop emotional resilience and put into effect real change, enabling them to fulfil their personal and academic potential
- useful information on the labour market and practical knowledge (e.g. how to be more employable, how to prepare job application documents, how to be more effective at job interviews, or how to develop right attitudes)
- proper training for job seekers



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